Here are some tips and tricks for visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks from Teton Valley

Grand Teton National Park

The Park’s main highlights are just about an hour’s drive away from Teton Valley. To reach the official park entrances, you can drive over Teton Pass towards Jackson Hole. As you descend the pass, you have two options to get into the park. One route takes you directly north, winding along the base of the Tetons through Teton Village, which offers exciting activities like the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. While not officially inside the park, it feels like you’re already immersed in its beauty. Another route leads through Jackson Hole and then up to the north, reaching the same entrance. If time permits, consider taking one route up and the other back for a diverse experience.

Additionally, there is excellent access to the Tetons from this side of the range, just outside the park’s official boundaries. Teton Canyon, a beautiful location, is only a short 10-minute drive away

Yellowstone National Park

For Yellowstone, there are two convenient entrances accessible from Teton Valley.

  1. South Entrance: You’ll head over Teton Pass to Jackson Hole and then travel through Grand Teton National Park (worth exploring on its own for a day or two) before reaching the actual South Entrance of Yellowstone. The drive covers around 80 miles and takes about 2 hours. Along the way, you’ll come across several highlights, including Teton Pass, Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Grand Teton National Park, and Rockefeller Parkway.
  2. West Entrance: Heading north from Teton Valley, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of the Teton Mountain range to the east. The route takes you into the southeast corner of Montana and the town of West Yellowstone, with the Park entrance just outside of town. This drive is approximately 100 miles and takes about 2 hours, featuring highlights like Mesa Falls and Harriman State Park.

A recommended way to explore both parks in one day is to do a full loop, entering through one entrance and exiting through the other. It may be a long day, but it allows you to experience the best of the region.

Although there are various options for staying in the region while visiting the national parks, Teton Valley offers a good central location, making it a convenient base for your adventures. Keep in mind that the region is vast, so be prepared for some driving unless you choose to stay at a lodge within the parks themselves.