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Marketing Channels

Our focus remains on maximizing exposure across multiple channels to attract potential guests and generate bookings for your vacation rental property.  As a homeowner with Teton Homestead’s vacation rental property, your listing is promoted across various channels to maximize its visibility and reach a wider audience.

These are the higher-profile channels where our portfolio appears:

  1. Teton Homestead Website: Your vacation rental property is prominently featured on the Teton Homestead website, which serves as our primary platform for showcasing properties and attracting potential guests.
  2. Airbnb: We list your property on Airbnb, one of the leading vacation rental platforms globally, with a large user base and extensive search capabilities.
  3. VRBO: Your property is listed on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), which is another popular platform that focuses on connecting homeowners directly with guests seeking vacation rentals.
  4. Expedia: Your listing can be found on Expedia, a well-known online travel agency that provides a wide range of travel-related services, including vacation rentals.
  5. Travelocity: Travelocity is another prominent online travel agency where your vacation rental property is listed, allowing travelers to search and book their accommodations.
  6. Google Vacation Homes: Your property is included in Google Vacation Homes, a dedicated platform within Google’s search results that showcases vacation rental options.
  7. TripAdvisor: Known for its comprehensive travel information and user reviews, TripAdvisor features your vacation rental property, providing potential guests with valuable insights and the ability to book directly.
  8. Whimstay: Your property is listed on Whimstay, a platform specializing in last-minute bookings for vacation rentals, attracting spontaneous travelers seeking unique accommodations.
  9. CheapTickets: We have partnered with CheapTickets, a popular online travel agency, to list your property and reach a broader audience of budget-conscious travelers.
  10. Orbitz: Your vacation rental property is included in Orbitz’s inventory, allowing users to search and book accommodations through their platform.
  11. Trivago: Trivago, known for comparing hotel prices, also features vacation rentals. Your property is listed on Trivago, increasing its visibility to travelers using their platform.
  12. KAYAK: KAYAK, a popular travel search engine, displays vacation rental options. Your property can be found on KAYAK, expanding its exposure to travelers using their site.
  13. HomeToGo: HomeToGo is a meta-search engine that aggregates vacation rental listings from various platforms. Your property is included in HomeToGo’s search results, broadening its visibility.

We actively explore opportunities to expand into new channels and platforms to ensure maximum exposure for your vacation rental property. By continuously seeking partnerships with emerging platforms and niche websites specializing in vacation rentals, we aim to reach new audiences and drive bookings.

Direct Consulting with Marketing Specialists

We do work with channel marketing consultants at the larger platforms to optimize performance.  We have direct contact with consultants within Homeaway/VRBO and Airbnb at this time and we meet with them once a month to review performance.

It is important to note that while Teton Homestead works closely with these marketing partners to optimize the visibility of your property, we cannot guarantee specific rankings or performance within the search results of each platform. Various factors, including search algorithms and guest preferences, may influence the visibility and performance of your listing.

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